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Biomedical Freezer(-40ºC)

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Plasma Freezers(-40ºC)
Model : MDF-MU549DH

  • 479L
  • -40ºC
  • 793x 770x 1802

Plasma Freezers(-40ºC)
Model : MDF-U5412

  • 482L
  • -40ºC
  • 804x 772x 1802

Plasma Freezers(-40ºC)
Model : MDF-U5412H

  • Hydrocarbon based natural refrigerant
  • 482L
  • -40ºC
  • 804x 772x 1802

Plasma Freezers(-40ºC)
Model : MDF-U443

  • 426L
  • -40ºC
  • 800x 826x 1810


The PHCbi Plasma Freezer provides environmental saving and flexibility while maintaining the quality of the samples during preservation. Such flexibility includes height-adjustable shelf trays, separate top and bottom chambers with independent temperature settings and separate doors that prevent cold air leakage. The Biomedical ECO Series Freezers with natural refrigerants minimize energy consumption, reduce environmental impact and save money while providing superior stability and uniformity.

The ECO Plasma Freezer provides an ideal freezing environment for the preservation of blood plasma, vaccines, test samples, and other biological specimens.


  • More efficient cooling due to a high latent heat of evaporation.
  • Greater energy efficiency.
  • Up to 28% reduction in power consumption and running costs.
  • Exceptionally low global warming potential.
  • Better for the environment.


  • Full-height storage containers on each shelf.
  • Cooling tubes under every shelf.
  • Direct cooling system for uniform temperature control.
  • Manual defrost ensures a stable environment with no large temperature peaks.
  • A comprehensive visual and audible alarm system with remote alarm contacts ensures users are aware of any abnormalities and can take appropriate actions.
  • Self-diagnostic system.
  • Standard door lock allows a padlock to be fitted for extra security.
  • An access port allows external temperature monitoring with the use of a probe, or an optional temperature chart recorder can be added.
  • Energy efficient cascade coolingsystem
  • Inverter technology
  • Dual Cooling System (TwinGuard)
  • Patented VIP Vacuum Insulation Panels