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      RZ60E, Street No. 25, Vashisth Park, New Delhi 110046

Branch office: 50 Phase-I, Trimurti Nagar, Sarojini Nagar, Kanpur Road, Lucknow 226008


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Service Details

Site Acceptance Testing & Operator Training

Our specialists will ensure every piece of equipment is properly installed and requirements are met according to factory specifications. Our team will not compromise on the equipment performance and user safety. Thereafter, our specialists will provide training for customers to help familiarize them with the proper product usage, care, and routine maintenance. Besides providing equipment training, our specialists will also tailor solutions to the requirements of our customers.

Maintenance during the warranty period and post warranty

Regular equipment maintenance has advantages; it will improve long-term reliability and reduce the total costs during the period of use. With every service contract, we ensure that a service engineer will visit and checks whether the equipment is working properly and carries out the maintenance to factory instructions.

Generally, we provide two visits annually from our engineer to your site during the warranty period for preventive maintenance service. The same applies if you opt for our AMC/ CMC plan.

In case you opt for AMC/CMC plan for equipment preference will be given for visits during breakdown.