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Imaging in a new dimension

 Over the years, Intas has developed and manufactured a variety of high quality imaging products. In addition to specially developed gel documentation, chemiluminescence and lighting systems, the product portfolio also includes slide scanners for laboratory and diagnostics. 


Gel Stick Touch

  •      Scientfic grade camera 5.0 MP
  •     12 bit data acquisition / 4096 grayscale
  •     16 bit data archiving / 65536 grayscale
  •     15.6 "or 21.5" touch panel, PC not required!
  •     Touchscreen can be operated with gloves
  •     4 USB ports and 1 x network
  •     USB stick storage, network integration
  •     Ultra high-speed motor zoom lens 5 mm - 58 mm
  •     Absolute sharpness at every zoom level
  •     Very fast autofocus ONE PUSH
  •     Focus adjustable in single steps
  •     Upgrade to Western blot imager possible.
  •     Users can easily install printers themselves 
  •    AutoExposer Time
  •     UV special filters(Eth-Bromide,  HD       Green etc.)
  •    User-friendly, touch-optimized image acquisition
  •     Intelligent dark box with extendable UV table
  •     UV or blue LED transilluminator, optional
  •     Preparative work on the UV-LED transilluminator
  •     Epi white light
  •     Epi blue light, optional
  •     Storage of the image files on USB stick
  •     4 USB interfaces and 1 x network
  •     Connection for external monitor (optional)
  •     Wifi (optional)
  •     HDMI for external monitor (optional)


ChemoStar Touch 21.5 Inch

  • Specifications High-End Camera with 6 or 9 MPixel True 16 Bit scientific grade CCD sensor 65.536 levels of grey for precisest quantification QE 72% at 450 nm, optimized for chemiluminescence. Strong active cooling, ideal signal-to-noise ratio. Extremely fast lens F0.95 / 25 mm. Automatic lens control available. Image acquisition software optimized for touchscreen. User-friendly workflow with automated image capturing. Includes the following features 
  • Touchpanel computer with 21,5“ and Windows 10 
  • 4 USB ports and 1 x network port 
  • Auto-exposure, image sequences etc. 
  • EPI Blue Pulsed LED Cube 488 nm 
  •  EPI Green Pulsed LED Cube 535 nm 
  • EPI Red Pulsed LED Cube 607 nm 
  • EPI NIR Pulsed LED Cube 765 nm 
  • 480mm x 440mm x 670mm (LxWxH) 

Company and product details

Additional Information

 In 1975 Udo Riemenschneider founded today's Intas Science Imaging Instruments GmbH. Inspired by the idea of ​​seeing laboratory or presentation pictures immediately, the Intas team developed the world's first electronic gel documentation system. This was followed in 1984 by the ECL chemilumines and phosphor imagers. Later the innovative fluorescence western blot systems. Microscopy slide scanners, special InVivo imagers, nano-photometers and microtitre plate readers are now part of our delivery program. Today Intas is considered a pioneering pioneer in the documentation of laboratory tests in research, diagnostics, life science, clinic and industry. Convince yourself of our innovative products. 

 ECL western blot imager

The Chemiluminescence Imager ChemoStar is our deluxe system of the ChemoStar "ECL Wester Blot Imager system family" and enables you thanks to the highly sensitive 6 or 9 megapixel analysis camera and the extremely high light sensitivity (FullWell Capacity per pixel 55,000e) as well as the unbeatable fixed-angle lens (f0.95 / 25 mm) the possibility to cover applications such as: chemiluminescence, luciferase / bioluminescence and fluorescence images in just one system. We are setting new standards in terms of image sharpness and imaging properties. The newly designed camera electronics together with the highly efficient 4-stage Peltier cooling ensures an even lower background and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio.


ChemoStar Touch 21.5 Inch

Focus on our new compact chemiluminescence imager with its optional fluorescence module. Notable features for the laboratory imaging of the future include advanced capabilities like space-saving sturdy all-metal construction of all ChemoStar darkrooms. Interchangeable high-power fluorescence LED Cubes with spectra ranging from UV to NIR. Highest precision in detection of even the weakest signals due to the use of one of four highly sensitive CCD cameras with 3.2 up to 9.2 megapixel. Manual or motorized 25 mm lenses with an extreme light yield of F0.95. Exchangeable UV-, White-, CyanLED- (Blue/Green) and BlueLED-transilluminators for every of your needs. New automatic 64 bit ChemoStar image acquisition software for use with Windows 7 to Windows 10.