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Service Details

Installation and operational qualification (IQ/OQ/PQ)

We have a range of preventive maintenance services and validation programs tailored to meet your SOP needs, to increase product performance and reduce the worry of unexpected repairs, so you can have that peace of mind knowing that your equipment will be performing optimally.

Our Maintenance and Validation packages include rigorous testing and verification on all parts of the equipment to ensure that they are functioning to factory standards. We provide service documentations which include detail checklists of all services performed, serial numbers of the equipment serviced, and the service reports on completed work.

Validation Cycle

We provide on-site validation for all products as per requirements via installation and the IOQ operational qualification protocol. Installation qualification (IQ) verifies and documents whether the installation of the equipment meets the requirements and specifications of the manufacturer. Operational qualification (OQ) verifies and documents the complete functional operation of the installed equipment. Temperature performance will be recorded over a 24-hour period. The registered data will be compared with the specifications provided by the manufacturer. Product specific parameters such as Temperature, CO2 / O2 %, RH etc. are included in the relevant equipment IOQ protocols. Additional options: extra temperature sensor positions, extended registration period 48 / 72hrs, open door test, simulated customer loaded registrations, power fail / recovery performance test. Door open recovery performance test and backup system test.

Performance qualification (PQ) is usually performed by customer /end user if the equipment is in the environment where specific user conditions apply and the actual product is loaded, stored and accessible. The actual production or product processing environment. The PQ will probably refer to the client specific standard documents for the method (SOPs). Example: product identification and specific storage requirements; method of storage etc. Therefore PQ is a unique and customer-oriented document. However, we can also offer assistance to customers where necessary in preparing or assisting in the execution of the performance qualification. We also provide “temperature registration (mapping)" for customers who want to verify installed equipment on actual performance.